FCWSHL is a full service law firm located in Troy, Michigan. The firm’s foundation is based upon the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication that infused our founding and that continues to drive our representation of and service to our clients every day.

FCWSHL specializes in corporate law, civil litigation, labor and employment relations, commercial transactions, estate planning, intellectual property, real estate, and sports and entertainment law. Founded 30 years ago, we represent a wide variety of corporate and individual clients in the manufacturing, technical, e-business, real estate, sports and entertainment, and professional service fields.

Our effectiveness stems from our experience and background in all facets of business law, from the formation of companies, to the negotiation of merging, acquiring, and divesting of business interests, to structuring mutually beneficial business relationships, and to the cost-effective resolution of business disputes.

Our contacts in the business, legal, and sports and entertainment community, as well as our familiarity with client needs, current trends, and our extensive knowledge of the law, make us a very valuable tool for our clients.

We pride ourselves in being both effective legal counsel and business advisors. Unlike some other law firms, our primary interest lies in achieving the most efficient results for our clients taking all relevent factors such as cost, timing, reputation, and principle into consideration.

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