Among FCWSHL strongest resources are its strategic alliances with the firm of Sports Management Network, Inc. and the financial firm of Caponigro Financial Counsellors, LLC. These integrated alliances bring about experienced and professional assistance in the sports marketing and financial field to the clients of FCWSHL.


Sports Management Network is a full service firm focused on the sports and entertainment industry. SMN is an expert in the field of representation of both individuals and corporations interested in maximizing their involvement and potential in these areas. SMN’s effectiveness stems from its experience and background in all facets of the entertainment industry, from contract negotiation to sponsorship sales, to event management, and to media packaging and much more.


Caponigro Financial Counsellors is a United States-based financial consulting firm with specific expertise in the areas of capital acquisition, financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, accounting system development and banking relationships. It has special experience working with large, medium and small organizations in the fields of technology, automotive, real estate, manufacturing and professional services.

Caponigro Financial Counsellors offers experienced hands-on direction, guidance, and advice on all financial-related matters facing organizations and individuals today.

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